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Applying and advancing team science while transforming our AI-READI project from a multidisciplinary endeavor into a high-performing, interdisciplinary collaboration.

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Overview of the Teaming Module

The Teaming module is working across AI-READI modules to develop an effective multi-team system, capable of achieving individual module, AI-READI, and Bridge2AI goals to create and share a flagship, ethically sourced, dataset for Type 2 diabetes.

We are applying team science by recognizing boundaries and interaction patterns of our multi-team system, and analyzing and intervening on interaction patterns to promote teaming. We are advancing team science by leveraging quantitative and qualitative methods to develop a new understanding of teaming across disciplinary and community interfaces. We also support AI-READI's committee charged with achieving our Plan for Enhancing Diverse Perspectives.


  • Multi-team system baseline questionnaire

    You are invited to participate in a questionnaire about how individuals, teams, and systems of teams collaborate and coordinate to create an ethically sourced dataset for use with artificial intelligence.